In 1979, we triggered by what exhibited vertical sawing machine at the show and
we developed a world's first V scoring machine in the PCB industry.
Beginning of 1985, we exhibited it in China, Europe and USA exhibition.
We posted sales agency and distributors around the world.

・V-scoring system

We have developed FIRST V scoring system in 1979.
To prevent the defects such as missing components and panel cracks
from occurring during the panel separation in SMT process,
these scoring systems can produce accurate score lines.

・Auto Shear/Beveler for MLB

The multilayer shearing and beveling systems are available
with various panel registration methods:
1. Using tooling holes (Pin).
2. Optical tooling hole inspection system with camera
3. X-ray target mark inspection system

・Sawing and Cutting

Model ACS-1500A cuts stacked sheets up to 35mm with 1500mm stroke.
WCS-1300A has been a long seller machine by its simple construction and mechanism.

・Edge Beveler and Gold Edge Beveling

Burrs and chips left on the sheared edges of the panel will cause
the following problems and troubles.
1. Pattern disconnections and short-circuit during printing.
2. Contamination in the liquid solder resist during coating.
3. Dry film cracking and peeling during plating and so on.
To minimize those problems, smooth and clean edges should be required.
Edge beveling in the PCB process is very important for yield up.